Schinkel Properties Property Management


Apartment Management

Schinkel Properties treats your property like it is our own. Over many years in business we have built a solid reputation of honesty, integrity and responsibility. The services you can rely on us for include:

  •    Maximize the net income of your investment
  •    Collection of rent
  •    Administration of leases
  •    Supervision of all trades, caretakers and other personnel
  •    Budgeting and planning
  •    Monthly financial statements
  •    Personalized service
  •    Dealing with landlord/tenant relations
  •    We advertise for you
  •    We provide screening services and find great tenants
  •    Low eviction rates
  •    We provide prompt service and quick call backs

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Commercial Management

  •    Save money with our buying power
  •    Get the best insurance rates possible
  •    We have experience with major insurance claims
  •    Maximize your investment (ask us how!)
  •    We take care of any building issues, tenant concerns and property and yard maintenance
  •    We collect rent, do budget planning, supervise trades, caretakers and others
  •    We are problem solvers
  •    No headaches for owners
  •    The best part: the tenants pay us! No cost to landlords!

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“Over many years in business we have built a solid reputation of honesty, integrity and responsibility”.

Condominium Management

At Schinkel Properties, we have built a reputation of honesty and integrity for effective condominium management.

  •    We manage condominium corporations in Steinbach, Winnipeg and Southeast Manitoba
  •    Our team has skilled management expertise, knowledge and efficiency when working together condominium corporations
  •    We strive to provide exceptional service and a top-notch living experience for each condominium owner
  •    We work with Condominium Boards to maintain and enhance the value of each property
  •    We ensure repairs and maintenance items are taken care of promptly and are available 24/7 for emergencies
  •    We ensure fiduciary obligations are met by creating accurate budgets

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Request Condominium Documents and Forms

Prices below are for emailed documents. If you require printed documents please inquire here.

Declaration ($70)By-Laws/Rules & Regs ($50)Management Agreement ($20)Financials ($15)Operating Budget ($25)Certificate of Insurance ($25)Reserve Fund Study ($75)Disclosure Statement ($250)Status Certificate ($110)Plans ($15)Financial Audit ($25)



“Our team offers unparalleled management expertise, paired with exceptional service, knowledge and efficiency”.