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Apartment Management

Schinkel Properties treats your property like it is our own. Over many years in business we have built a solid reputation of honesty, integrity and responsibility. The services you can rely on us for include:

  •    Maximize the net income of your investment
  •    Collection of rent
  •    Administration of leases
  •    Supervision of all trades, caretakers and other personnel
  •    Budgeting and planning
  •    Monthly financial statements
  •    Personalized service
  •    Dealing with landlord/tenant relations
  •    We advertise for you
  •    We provide screening services and find great tenants
  •    Low eviction rates
  •    We provide prompt service and quick call backs

We manage over 150 rental units in Winnipeg and Steinbach area. We would love the opportunity to talk to you about how we can save you money on your project.
For more information please contact Audrey 204-326-2640 ext. 302 or

Commercial Management

Originally started as a commercial management company, we have a good understanding of what you and your property needs. We look forward to maximizing your investment with you!

  •    Save money with our buying power
  •    Get the best insurance rates possible
  •    We have experience with major insurance claims
  •    Maximize your investment (ask us how!)
  •    We take care of any building issues, tenant concerns and property and yard maintenance
  •    We collect rent, do budget planning, supervise trades, caretakers and others
  •    We are problem solvers
  •    No headaches for owners
  •    The best part: the tenants pay us! No cost to landlords!

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Condo FAQs

Do you have references?

We would be more than happy to give you references! Call us anytime.

What are your condo fees?

Every property is slightly different. The larger the property the smaller the per unit fee for condos. With our group buying power we actively try to save the condo corporation as much money as possible.

Are there administration fees?

There are no administration fees.

Are there documentation fees?

We charge a nominal amount to provide condo documents if you have lost yours.

How many property managers do we have?

We currently have 4 full time managers plus administration and accounting team of 4. Total team in all departments is 17 people.

How many properties do you manage?

We currently manager over 1,200 condo units, 150 apartment units and 115,000 square feet of commercial real estate. We are big enough for economies of scale and small enough to care! We also have a sister company that manages 5 hotels in Manitoba, InnKeepers

How much condo experience do you have?

We have been managing condos since 2006 and managing other real estate assets since 1978 in some form. We are proud of our experience and with the rapidly changing Condominium Act, this experience is essential.

How much education do property managers have?

The minimum requirement is a six month program with the Manitoba Real Estate Program called The Principles of Property Management that focuses on the laws and regulations governing the industry. Schinkel Properties actively encourages the team to take additional training in both life skills classes (such as CPR) and professional development (conflict resolution training or the Dale Carnegie courses). Many of our team members have significant additional education.

What can we expect for financial statements?

We provide detailed monthly income and expense statements to ensure transparency and openness.

How often do you provide building reports?

We provide monthly building inspection reports to the building owners to ensure proper building maintenance.

What is the average response time?

We have a 24 hours emergency phone line to take care of you. For regular business items, phone calls same day if you leave a message, emails within 24 hours.

Do you have an emergency phone line?

Yes, we respond at all hours of the night!

“Over many years in business we have built a solid reputation of honesty, integrity and responsibility”.

Condominium Management

At Schinkel Properties, we have built a reputation of honesty and integrity for effective condominium management. With over 1,200 condo’s under management we are small enough to serve you and large enough to save you money.

  •    We manage condominium corporations in Steinbach, Winnipeg and Southeast Manitoba
  •    Our team has skilled management expertise, knowledge and efficiency when working together condominium corporations
  •    We strive to provide exceptional service and a top-notch living experience for each condominium owner
  •    We work with Condominium Boards to maintain and enhance the value of each property
  •    We ensure repairs and maintenance items are taken care of promptly and are available 24/7 for emergencies
  •    We ensure fiduciary obligations are met by creating accurate budgets

Looking for an investment property? We have experienced agents who can help!

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Request Condominium Documents and Forms

Prices below are for emailed documents. If you require printed documents please inquire here.

Declaration ($75)By-Laws/Rules & Regs ($75)Management Agreement ($25)Financials ($15)Operating Budget ($25)Certificate of Insurance ($25)Reserve Fund Study ($125)Disclosure Statement ($250)Status Certificate ($125)Plans ($25)Financial Audit ($25)

New Prices in effect March 1st, 2019**



“Our team offers unparalleled management expertise, paired with exceptional service, knowledge and efficiency”.