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Pets and… Dog Poop

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If a condo owner has been witnessed either by another condo owner or by management that they did not clean after their pet relieves themselves in common areas, warning letters will be given and potential fines can be issued for the infraction.

There is not a one-size-fits-all approach or standard rule that applies to how pets should be handled.  In fact, the Declaration, Bylaws and Rules are specific to each condominium corporation when it comes to pets on premises. Examples may include items such as pet size restrictions (eg. up to 25 lbs), or specify that pets have to be carried while on premises.

Typically when it comes to dogs, when they are taken outside of the units and common elements for nature walks, the owner must ensure that they clean up after their pets. If they do not follow the Bylaws or Rules, then warning letters and fines associated for an infraction as per the Condo Act can be issued ($100 per infraction, up to 12 times a year).


Can we update the Declaration, Bylaws or Rules regarding pets?

Yes, you can make amendments. If you wish to make changes to the Declaration, Bylaws, or Rules on how pets are regulated, simply connect with us to discuss further.


by Alyssa Yamomo, Property Management Administrator