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Sewer Backups and What To Do

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Sewer backups are not even fun to think about, they can cause significant property damage, health hazards and are a huge pain in the…!


Proper Disposal of Waste: One of the leading causes of sewer backups is the improper disposal of waste. It’s crucial to dispose of waste correctly and not put anything down the toilet or sink that doesn’t belong there and could clog pipes. This includes grease, oil, food scraps, and non-flushable items like wipes and feminine hygiene products.

Backflow Prevention Devices: also know as a backwater valve, these devices help prevent contaminated water from flowing back into your home. Installing backflow prevention devices is particularly crucial if you live in an area prone to flooding or heavy rainfall since they may activate when a city’s sewer lines is unable to handle large amounts precipitation; this puts homes that are tied into the storm lines at risk of having water back flow into them.

Trees and Roots: Tree roots can grow into sewer lines and cause significant damage. If you have trees on your property, ensure that they are planted far away from your home’s plumbing system. Additionally, regular tree trimming and root removal can help prevent tree roots from growing into your pipes.

During a Storm: If there is a storm with heavy rainfall try to not add additional strain on the system:

  • Don’t flush your toilets
  • Try not to send water down the sink
  • Avoid doing your laundry
  • Don’t have a shower or bath
  • Don’t pour anything down the drain


Sewer Backup Warning Signs:

  • Multiple drains around the house are clogged
  • The toilets may gurgle and not flush properly
  • The water level in the toilet rises when the sink tap is on
  • The toilet or shower drain backs up when the washing machine is on
  • Back-up appears in shower, tub or floor drain
  • Strong sewage odor

If you suspect a sewer backup, call your Property Manager as soon as possible. Our team has the expertise to deal with the situation safely and effectively.