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Bronx Blaze Kills 19

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The tragic fire in the Bronx New York was a terrible loss that might have been prevented. As more details come out about the recent fire, we wanted to share some tips that can help prevent fires caused by space heaters.

Space heaters are the cause of thousands home fires every year in North America. We see these units in offices, houses and apartments. So what are the real risks? These types of heaters cause 1/3 of all winter house fires and 80% of all winter heating fire deaths.

The good news is that newer heaters have more safety features than the older units. With this in mind here are some safety tips to help you stay warm and safe this winter.

  1. Check heaters safety certifications
  2. Don’t use extension cords or power bars
  3. Keep the heater on the floor
  4. Keep the heater away from water
  5. Don’t hide the space heater
  6. Turn off heater when you leave
  7. Keep pets and kids away from them
  8. If cord is hot, throw out the heater
  9. Make sure heater has safety features, turns off when too hot or when tips over
  10. Regularly inspect heater



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