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Winter weather challenges and is the Condo liable?

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Did you know that Insurers see a noticeable increase in “slips, trips & falls” during the winter months? And property owner(s) have an obligation to reasonably clear ice/snow? In fact, many insurance policies mandate a snow clearing contractor be engaged seasonally.

When selecting a snow clearing contractor, Schinkel Properties ensures that only reputable and reliable contractors are selected. And documentation is everything! Schinkel Properties verifies that service contracts are signed and a copy of the contractors’ liability insurance is on file.

In the event that someone does get hurt on private property, Schinkel Properties ensures all of its Condominium Corporations, Rental and Commercial Properties are safe from claim and expense. Schinkel Properties maintains the required documents and safeguards all parties with qualified service providers, signed contracts, and liability insurance from both the contactor and the property owner(s).

In addition to liability insurance and safely maintaining your property, there are seasonal maintenance items that are important to keep up on to avoid unnecessary claims and damages.

Schinkel Properties recommends the following:

  • Check gutters for buildup of leaves which could have accumulated during Autumn. Clogged gutters can lead to water ingress into the property when there is a thaw.
  • The weight of snow builds up on the roof and can cause leaks or even cave in. Monitor the snow buildup and safely remove if/when necessary. Also watch for snow and ice overhanging doorways and walkways.
  • Units should be kept heated during winter months, even if a unit owner is away on holidays. This avoids the risk of pipes freezing and bursting.

The winter months bring added challenges. But when all people involved are taking proper precautions to limit the risk, we can work together as a community to provide a safer space for everyone.