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Not Enough Parking?

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Parking and extra parking is often a hot topic. There is often a high degree of variability based on the type of condomininum, and more importantly the location of the condo building. For example, depending on the property, some condominium corporations may have additional parking stalls available for rent complete with A/C power for plugging in your vehicle in the cold winter months. Alternatively, other condominiums may not have any on-site parking that is included, and owners must make their own arrangements.

If you want to confirm the specifics of your condominium corporation, you can simply reach out to your property manager. Some condominium corporations have spare rentable stalls which serves as additional income for the corporation. If this is the case, the process is quite simple to request and reserve an additional stall through your property manager. Another option that your property manager can assit you with is seeing if any owners or tenants wish to rent out their personal parking stall.

In the case where there is simply no available parking on-site, then unit owners are responsible for finding their own parking outside the property. This could include renting stalls at neighbouring properties or offering to purchase a parking stall from another unit owner.

Parking is an important thing to consider when buying or selling a condo since units that to not include a dedicated parking stall are often less desirable.

In summary, if you have an unused parking spot, or are looking for an additional one, you can always reach out to our property management team and we can try to help you find an additional spot, or advertise your open spot.


by Alyssa Yamomo, Property Manager