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Condo Maintenance Tips

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Condo maintenance involves a series of simple tasks that can make or break a condo dwelling experience. A little time, attention and planning for maintenance issues can go a LONG way in preventing bigger issues in the future and keeping a condo space looking fresh and attractive.

Here are a few basic tasks that property managers identify as key to quality condo maintenance:

  1. Routinely clean condo fixtures. This includes items in the common areas such as: light fixtures, heaters, elevators, common rooms and appliances, stair wells and railings, lobby areas, hallway walls and entry door areas.The common areas are the most visual areas and represent the appearance of the building. This can also prolong the longevity and appearance of the areas.
  2. HVAC systems inspection and maintenance. Regular HVAC maintenance can prolong equipment life and prevent costly repairs. Scheduling a quarterly or bi-annual maintenance that includes but is not limited to: cleaning equipment coils, condensers, replacing filters, air dampers, exhaust fans, thermostat adjustments, checking hot water tanks and boilers for leaks or corrosion can go along way and save a lot of time and money for the Condo.
  3. Schedule monthly services and document inspection dates. Keeping an organization list of regular building maintenance services and regular property inspections is an easy and efficient way to ensure proper maintenance and repairs are being addressed in a timely manner. Scheduling services, needed repairs and planning for future requirements allows for keeping within the Corporation budget, time management, planning for upgrades and meeting building inspection requirements. This is also a good way for Residents to see the positive and productive maintenance items that the Corporation is completing.
  1. Establish an Emergency plan. Knowing a property well is essential to planning for any emergency or urgent situations that may arise. Planning and providing Condo Residents with a ‘In Case of Emergency’ (I.C.E.) plan and contact information is effective to provide some security and peace of mind for Residents in case of an emergency. An emergency situation can include: a fire or fire alarm, water leaks or damage, a water pipe/sprinkler head leak, a broken furnace, to provide an evacuation/accommodation plan, an elevator that stops running, or fire alarm issues, etc.
  2. Build an appropriate operating budget. As Condo buildings age and as part of the day to day operations, items will become damaged, break down, or become obsolete. Knowing the property well, keeping track of items as well as planning for these items is important. Minimize headaches by ensuring a healthy budget is planned and set aside to help pay for repairs and maintenance costs. Nobody wants to be stuck with unforeseen repair bills, but unfortunately, it happens. Take the sting out of the unexpected by setting aside some money to help with those sudden expenses.


One simple and effective way to upgrade the Condo property common area space is by painting. Paint is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to enhance the property and appearance. We offer a few must-dos to consider before you spread the drop cloth and douse the walls in the latest trend:

  1. Doublecheck the Condominium Declaration and By-Laws regarding painting. Many condominium corporations passes Declaration and By-Laws pertaining to a variety of subjects, including painting requirements. Be sure to check any requirements before you start your project.
  2. Avoid bold or super trendy colors. Trends will change before you know it and certainly before you are ready to paint again! Choose neutral colours that will stand the test of time. If you are not sure what neutral tones work well together and will work for your space perhaps you might want to engage a local interior designer or inquire feedback from the paint store ?
  3. Purchase a durable paint product. You want to be sure to use paint that will work for the building. Consider that most Condo properties will have a high resident traffic and furniture moves. Ensure you buy a quality product with a durable finish that doesn’t show every smudge or handprint and that is also easily cleaned without leaving smear marks.
  4. Quality paint gear goes a long way. Along with quality paint, quality paint brushes and rollers also ensure maximum coverage and ease of application. Not all rollers and brushes are created equal. Ask some questions at the local paint shop to find out what will work best for your project and your budget.